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Alumni Speak

Moving Ahead Our Alumnus - SAARTHI

As a management institution, we have our Alumuni Association as Saarthi. All the former students form Alumni Association. This Association works as the link between the Institute and the students who have passed out from the Institute and those studying at the Institute. We are regularly in touch through a common platform on facebook page, IBMR events and formal/informal meetings.

As we seek their guidance and assistance in looking after our current students, we wish them every success in their career paths in the years ahead.

It is heartening to see that after passing out of the institute and moving into their high-flying careers, these change masters return to their alma mater. A number of former students came this year (2012) as part of the recruitment teams of their firms, proving their strategic importance to their organization.

As a young institution we have just commenced our alumni association with our first batch having passed out early this year.

As we seek their guidance and assistance in looking after our newer students, we wish them every success in their career paths in the years ahead.

“I will always cherish the memories I have gathered in the 2 years of my MBA from IBMR. It has been a great journey especially considering the amount of growth I have seen in myself. I have grown as an individual who is much more confident and ready in every way to face the challenges of the cooperate world. The college has always provided us with outstanding guidance & support. The Friendly and supportive relations with our faculties have also helped us a lot to grow and move ahead.”
"Prateek Choubey"
Mashreq Bank (United Arab UAE)




"IBMR provides best in class faculties, great infrastructure along with extra curriculum activities. Also the management staff here is very cooperative and ensures that the students do not face any problem in their 2 years of academic tenure at IBMR. IBMR is great for the overall development of students and thus is one of the best colleges in every aspect."
"Tarika Gupta"
Ladders HR




“IBMR College made me discover my true potential. From a bachelor, who knew very little about the world outside, IBMR nurtured me for two complete years to bring the best out of me. IBMR provides the right platform to the students coming from different streams, yet similar mindset that makes it very easy to gel well. With sound technical knowledge, an inquisitive mind and zeal to learn all are achievers in every sense. There is ample of industry interactions and guest lecture series by the top notch industrialists on various topics develops a more holistic view of looking, analyzing and interpreting a situation which ensures success in future.”

All the Best!
"Anurag Singh"
Biocon Limited




 “It gives me immense pleasure and delight as I retrospect about the time spent in IBMR. IBMR gave us utmost exposure and liberty to do things our way. IBMR provides a platform to hone skills which helped bring out the best out of me both personally and professionally. I wish IBMR, our faculty members and all the current and fore coming batches all the success in life and wish to be associated with IBMR in every possible way”

"Vidit Vineet Singh"
DAMAC Properties, Dubai UAE




“Mae West said, ‘Too much of a good thing can be wonderful,’ that is what I felt here in this college. IBMR proved exquisitely and exceptionally wonderful for me. At IBMR, I felt creatively liberated. This college protected the flickers of curiosity, enthusiasm, and inventiveness and never smothered them in the eagerness to teach or to impress. I as a student was always challenged to go beyond my boundaries each time to establish a new milestone in the timeline of my career.”

"Sakshi Mann"
Dr. Lal Path Lab




 “I would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to IBMR and its faculties, as my experience have been wonderful. I have grown in many ways here and will always treasure the opportunities provided to me by IBMR. I feel that IBMR developed the skills and positive attitude in each and every student which gave us the confidence of facing new challenges and experience. I want to thank IBMR and the entire team for your love, affection, support, guidance and for all you has done for me here at IBMR. It’s really been a pleasure to study in such a good institute.”

Thanks,"Rahul Kumar Tyagi"
First gulf bank Abu Dhabi, United Arab



 “My tenure at Institute of business management and research, Gurgaon was one of the most informative periods of my life. I got lot of valuable inputs from the faculty & visiting staff. We really got a deep insight into the corporate world, its processes & mannerism. This was a platform that elevated us from being naïve graduates to industry ready post graduate. IBMR gave us the required focus and helped us understand the competition and how to survive it successfully.”

"Pooja Rana"




"I feel, the kind of exposure I got from IBMR has proved very important in my career growth .The exposure was not only limited to the boundaries of academics but was much beyond that. This helped us realize our management as well as our business skills. Guest faculty and guest lecturers gave us very good insight. All I can say is that IBMR gave us vision of how business functions and where we can position ourselves globally. IBMR has given us the much required insight on the importance of Leadership to succeed and outshine others”
"Amrinder Sing"
COCA COLA, Amritsar



“IBMR: The best two years of my life.
I would like to take this opportunity to say special thanks to all the members of IBMR School of Business. I need never look back, because the IBMR experience is still within me guiding my way ahead. I wish all the current and future students of IBMR all the very best. You could not have made a better choice for your successful future.”

Thanks"Sushil Saini"
State Bank of India

 “The focus of IBMR has always been "We can/ we Will /We should”. I thank all my faculties for the initial effort that you had put-in to assess my capabilities and for assigning me tasks which matched my strengths. You have always been a source of encouragement but your greatest professional trait has been your ability to convey your point at times when I erred. I thank all the staff members of IBMR for their support and the cooperation that they have extended to me during my 2 year tenure at IBMR.”

"Priya Suman"
Ernst & Young


 “I take this platform to thank all my teaching and non teaching staff at IBMR to help me groom and reach where I have reached today. The success I saw just after completing my MBA from IBMR is something which even I have not expected for myself. It is all a result of the dedication and effort of my faculties and the helping hand given to me by the entire IBMR staff. Thank you once again.”

"Girish Padha"
Stellar Information Systems Ltd


 My two years academic experience is awesome at IBMR. IBMR has provided me with opportunities not only to develop in academics but also in the fields where i was not efficient enough. . The focus on overall personality development and live projects has immensely helped me understand management in a more practical manner.”At present i am associated with a known name Steller Information Systems Limited as Asst. BDE. I think this is one of the best colleges in India. Faculties and the pedagogy of teaching in IBMR are great

"Kuldeep Singh"


 “After joining IBMR I have always derived benefit and value beyond my expectations. With no regrets, no looking back the decision of choosing IBMR was just the right thing!! Gratitude to the management, faculty and staff! My 2 year stint at IBMR has always been a journey filled with fun coupled with lots of learning. The USP of IBMR is their dedicated and committed faculty teams who are student centric and accordingly design and base all their activities for the overall development of the student. IBMR has a right blend of rigorous academics and vigorous events/activities providing students not just scholastic grip but also a platform to exhibit their skills and talent and groom them.

"Sonam Singh"
Indusland Bank


 “When I think of IBMR a lot of things come to my mind and the first feeling among them is that it is like coming home. IBMR has proved to be our home always from home in every which way. The entire team of IBMR ensures each student grows to a higher level. Faculties along with guest lecturers have always ensured that we keep our self in touch with the practicalities of the Industry. This approach of teaching has helped us immensely in cracking our interviews at the first go… Thanks to the entire team of IBMR once again!!!!”

"Himanshu Srivastava"
Infosys Ltd.


 “The fun filled but disciplined environment at IBMR lends itself to a more holistic growth of the individual and helps in a better understanding of the business environment. The emphasis on Time management was also very effective”

"Sonali Khatua"
L&T Power




 “Joining IBMR  is the best thing that had happened to me. And I’ve never looked back since then. Studying at IBMR has been an experience in itself. Learning new things each day for 2 years has proved to be a boon for me. The pedagogy is world class and offers the student an in-depth view on various managerial know-how’s. Suffice it to say that any student undergoing the course at IBMR will be equipped enough to survive and flourish in the competitive market scenario.”

"Vivekanand Vashisath"
KEC International Ltd.



 “My education at IBMR provided me with invaluable academic exposure and opportunities. IBMR has played a very important role in enhancing my overall personality and communication skills which are equally important to make a mark in the industry. I think it would be an ideal choice for budding students that help us hold good managerial or administrative position.”

"Ashwani Kumar Singh"
American Express



 “The quality of teaching at IBMR is very high. The interactive nature of the staff and their knowledge makes the students create wonderful learning environment. IBMR has one of the best locations among all the b schools in Gurgaon and it makes our life as a student very convenient. IBMR has thus played a major role in the lives of their students to groom them to become future leaders.”

"Kuldeep Vyas"



 “IBMR has the philosophy on working towards the SWOT of all the students individually. The strengths and weaknesses of students are thoroughly analyzed and worked upon accordingly. Along with that an analysis of the Opportunities and threats are also considered thereby providing each student with customized management training. It has truly benefitted me in becoming a better and confident individual.”

"Amit Rana"
Bikanervala Poods Pvt. Ltd.



 “This is the time to say something about my institute as they have given me such a dream platform on which my career line is going up & up. IBMR has given me 2 wonderful years of knowledge, creativity and affection. This is the place where I have made best of friend and have met such learned people. I will always owe to my faculties and guides at IBMR.”

"Mohit Sharma"
Eclerx Services Ltd.



 The faculty at IBMR is commendable not just for knowledge and experience but most importantly for painstakingly guiding students at every step! Thank you for mentoring us tirelessly to develop our personalities!

"Gopal Mishra"
Japee Cements Ltd.



 For the perfect blend of academic excellence and practical corporate exposure, this is the B- School par excellence. Today I am satisfied with the job I do which would not have been possible without the support and guidance of my Faculty members who were always there to clear my doubts and boost my morale. IBMR is an unforgettable experience for life!

"Rajesh Rathee"
ALL BIZ Pvt. Ltd.



Applying to IBMR has been a turning point in my life. Little did I know that I would rise so fast in my career with this qualification. Thank you IBMR for making my life.


Best wishes’

"Alok Bisht"
Ultra Tech Cement



The way I have benefitted from the exposure IBMR gave me is not possible to describe in words. Thanks to all the members of this luminous Institute!


Best Regards

"Upendra Kumar Singh"
Cargill India Pvt. Ltd.



Professional development programmes designed by IBMR transformed me from a student to a professional! To script your own success story let me give you a perfect tip... Join IBMR TODAY
B.A.G Consulting Pvt. Ltd.




IBMR provide best faculties, best infrastructure, best extra curriculum activities, best management, in short I would say best overall development of students. When it

comes to placement part again IBMR gives best placement to every student according to his/her caliber. Out of thousands of colleges IBMR is best in all aspects.
"Mohit Dak"
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Overseas Market  


In IBMR I learnt to successfully face various challenges. IBMR gave me a chance to meet new people. It helped me develop good communication skill. It served as a platform for me to meet people having various backgrounds, including cultural and academic backgrounds which helped me in opening my minds to various thoughts, views and opinions. It makes me a better individual today .I'm proud to be the person I am today and I'm grateful to my college for all the learning.


Faculty in IBMR is excellent .They helped me in increasing my knowledge and this enhances my confidence to stand against the crowd . They taught me the art of making things happen while working in a group or a team by co-coordinating with each other It is one of the most important lesson learnt in college that is very useful to me even now as a professional.



Two Years of my experience at IBMR is one of the greatest. I came here from small town of Patna and there is a tremendous change in what I was and what I am. During my studying tenure I learnt how to face the challenge of corporate world. At IBMR I was given all the necessary tools to achieve my goal.
"Jay Murat"
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kalinga University


My two years academic experience is awesome at IBMR. IBMR has provided me with opportunities not only to develop in academics but also in the fields where i was not efficient enough. At present i am associated with a known name Steller Information Systems Limited as Asst. BDE. I think this is one of the best colleges in India. Faculties and the pedagogy of teaching in IBMR are great.
"Prityush Raj"


The college has always provided us with outstanding guidance & support . I am really happy to work as IT Recruiter in Ondemandagility Pvt. Ltd., where in I handle technical recruitment of Singapore & Philippines. This is all because of effective teaching, training and learning programmes provided by our college IBMR, which had groomed us and made us capable for Corporate world. Our Friendly and supportive relations with teachers helps a lot to grow and move ahead.
"Vandana Rani"
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Hindustan Times


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  • a) Congratulation to all the following students for being selected in Birla Sunlife for Paid Summer Internship.We wish best of luck to all of them.
    1.Bhushan Kumar Mahoto
    2. Nutan Sah
    3. Ashutosh Kumar singh
    4. Snehalata
    5. Sujeet Kumar Gautam
    6. Rahul Chaudhary
    7. Saurabh Kumar
    8. Priyanka Kumari
    9. Bipin Singh
    10. Kamal
    11.Sakshi Agarwal
    12. Rajat Sharma
    13. Suraj Nanda
    14. Hari Om Pathak
    15. Raunak Kumar Jha
    16. Sumit Kumar
    17.Sourabh Soni

    b) ) Congratulation to the following students for being selected in TaloCity for Paid Summer Internship .We wish best of luck to all of them.
    1) Kunal Sharma
    2) Komal Kaushik

    c) ) Congratulation to the following students for being selected in Alethe for Paid Summer Internship .We wish best of luck to all of them.
    1) Ankit Kumar Srivastava
    2) Ambuj Srivastava

    d) Congratulations to all the following students for being selected in Dynakode Technology Pvt. Ltd. for Paid Summer Internship .All the best to all of them .
    8. KAMAL
    11. PRIYA DAS

    e) Congratulation to Mr. Upesh Verma for being selected in Lufthansa German Airlines for Summer Paid Internship of Rs 22,000 Per Month. We wish him all the best .
  • Admission for Regular MBA & PGDM programme AICTE APPROVED for year 2016-2018 session is open
  • IBMR recently ranked as Indian Top 22 Business School Recent Survey - Business Baron
  • 07665222269 Call our Alumnus to know more about IBMR
  • IBMR students attended an Industrial visit to LUMAX Automotive Ltd. at IMT Manesar
  • Congratulations to students selected for Internship in " DELL "
  • IBMR students recently visited Mother Diary plant in Delhi
  • There was a SEBI work shop in IBMR campus about Micro finance and short term investment
  • IBMR student were invited at Reserve Bank of India interface sessions on Topic " Forex for you " and won many quizs
  • IBMR provides an opportunity for its management students to get a certificate from IIM ( Calcutta ) in Management
  • 07665222269 call our alumni to know more about IBMR - MOHIT DAK Manager ( overseas market ) SAG INFOTECH
  • ibmr had organised a job fair at college premises. with 1000 students competed for on campus drive of 40 companies. For more Details Click here.
  • IBMR Students Attended HR Confrence at MDI College Gurgaon
  • IBMR Students Attend International Conference at AIMA Delhi
  • IBMR Students participate in INTER QUIZ COMPETION at Jesus & Mary College
  • IBMR Students participate in Inter College Debate Competition at Hindu College
  • IBMR students attended an Industrial visit to Mother Dairy
  • IBMR students attended an Industrial visit to NSIC - Incubator
  • IBMR students attended MEDITATION CAMP to Om Shanti Retreat Center
  • Students Attended leadership camp and Team Building aciivities at Five star Resort Cambay Sapphire Neemrana(Raj.)
  • Students Attended Industrial Visit at Parle -G Biscuit Factory Neemrana(Raj.)
  • IBMR Students Attended "Logistics Summit 2015" organised by Confederation of Indian Institute of Logistics
  • IBMR Students Won "Stock Mind-2015" Organised by ICICI direct at National Level
  • IBMR Students Attended workshop on "Nifty - 50" organised by National Stock Exchange
  • IBMR Students Attended the Confrence on "Buiding warehousing Competiteness -2014 "
  • IBMR Conducted a Workshop on "Basics of Indian Stock Market" in Collabration with DSE
  • IBMR Gurgaon Conducting a Management Fest
  • IBMR has understanding with US based Venture capital PVC (Peesh Venture Capital) for funding Students start up project & ideas
  • IBMR GURGAON CONGRATULATIONS FOR FINAL PLACEMENT Name of the Company: TCI LTD. Himanshu Heer Mishra Sandeep Singh Poonam Rawat Placement Cell
  • IBMR students organised cyclothon under banner of Tejaswani Foundation an ngo formed by IBMR students only for social cause.
  • Ranked among top 7 b school by career 360 magazine.
  • IBMR Gurgaon In Association with Cleaveland State University ( USA ) offers International MBA/BBA degree programme while study at IBMR and Guaranteed Internship In United States.
  • Congratulations to Winners of Management Fest 30 hours Non Stop
  • 1) SALAD MAKING  Prize Money - Rs 3000/- Ms. Parul  Ms. Shilpa
  • 2) SOLO DANCE Prize Money- Rs 4000/- Ms. Ayushi
  • 3) BIZ QUIZ Prize Money - 4000/- Ms. Minakshi Mr. Upesh Mr. Prateek
  • 4) TABLE TENNIS Prize Money - 3000/- Mr. Prateek
  • Recently Multinational Company Directi has made placement drive at IBMR Gurgaon campus & select eight students & offer package of 8.3 lakh.
  • Congratulations to Mr. Ajay Chaurasia for being placed in DirectI at package of 8.3 lakhs